HOPE in the midst of the fog

By Rose Pauly

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Welcome to my blog! 

It is a time when the world is heaving. The daily news still leaves us incredulous with the degree of human struggle. The past evaporates and the future sometimes appears as a nebulous blur. Where is HOPE? In this milieu of uncertainty and risk I wanted to write. To write of the journey with its challenges, mysteries and joys alike. To write with an eye toward faith, with a step toward hope, and located in the grand picture of profound and inexplicable love. This blog is my regular reflections on the journey. The journey of faith in a precarious world.  

A place where HOPE is found.

I desire it to be a dialogue. Your comments enrich us all.

Yesterday was the day I took Jeff Lucas’ book, Faith in the Fog out of the “plan to read” pile. I pulled it out in the morning, began reading, and didn't put it down until the afternoon when I had turned the last page (yes, including acknowledgements). This was quite unusual because I had a day of work in the office planned and some deadlines looming...but instead I found myself experiencing an impromptu day, one which took me on a journey that I never could have predicted.

While reading his book I believe I traveled through the full expanse of human emotion.  

At one moment I was belly laughing as a surprise insight into the hilarity of human behavior jumped out unexpectedly like a rabbit from behind the bush. The next moment I was weeping profusely as a truth of real life sunk into the deep and hidden recesses of my soul, unearthing the buried but subtly influential pains within.  

I realized that in those remote places lie the things that make us most human...the seemingly shattered dreams, the longings unfulfilled, the life script that seems to have gone awry. Tucked away out of sight are the hopes and aspirations that have been battered by the waves of time and reality and have been reshaped and reformed but are still attempting to stand. Multiple emotions in juxtaposition, overlaying yet not competing, expanding and deepening, yet not crushing. This is what I experienced in a bolus yesterday as I dove beneath the waves and not only took a look around, but engaged in the journey of "Faith in the Fog", allowing my heart to feel to the depths.

It was a cleansing and refreshing time for sure. It was also a time where the lingering questions came into full view.  

Can I trust God in the fog?  


Can I know that He is able to work even in the darkest of places when He seems so silent? It's crazy to reveal that even as a life-long believer the questions return and even persist. Yet it is in the vulnerability of humanity that I have found the greatest of freedoms.

In his book, Jeff is not afraid to confront the party line or the status quo...the words and clichés that taunt and tease, the expectations and assumptions that leave one dangling on the cliff realizing that the rope you thought would take you to the summit is in fact only tied to a fragile tree eking out existence in the crack of the rock.  

But then…the reminder that even in the fog there is a God who is present. He may be mysterious and He may not allow our questions to be answered. He may do things totally outside of our imagination or expectations. He usually does. But He is there. He is faithful. He can be trusted...even in the fog. 

Hebrews 6:19  “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure…”

Have you experienced the fog when God seems far away and life feels uncertain and sometimes hopeless?  How or did you find faith in the fog?

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By Rose Pauly

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