Tenacious Love was initiated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization on May 22, 2013 by Steve and Rose Pauly with the goal of spreading the message of HOPE and providing tangible support for those caught in oppression, poverty and violence.

Rose of Sharon school in their first building

Rose of Sharon school in their first building

After years of pastoral ministry revolving around local and global outreach, Rose stepped off the staff role to complete a Master of Theology degree at Fuller Theological seminary. Several months after completion of the degree Steve and Rose traveled to the Dominican Republic to visit their son who was teaching English and involved with establishing a small school for Haitian refugees. 

Rose and Steve found their hearts drawn to the needs of the children who were not only without adequate food and shelter, but also lacking in opportunities for education and health. 

Realizing that poverty is a vicious cycle that financial assistance alone cannot break, they began to look for ways to team up with other organizations to help these children. Great things happen with collaboration.  During the months of 2013 funds were raised and a beautiful four room educational center with full size kitchen and dining area was built to replace the small wooden structure in which the children were currently meeting. 

It was so exciting to see the doors opening in August, 2013 and 60+ students enrolling for the first year at the Rose of Sharon Educational Center. 

The school seeks to meet physical needs through daily meals and assistance with medical care. Children are sponsored for $25/month and this provides school supplies, lunch, books, a uniform, and a sponsor who cares and prays for the child. Social needs are met through daily interaction with others and the learning of values for productive and successful lives. Economic needs are met by training the children in skills and abilities that allow them to enter into society as dynamic citizens with much to offer. Spiritual needs are met by each child learning how much they are loved by God and coming to know their value and purpose. Scripture is taught and songs and stories reinforce the message of Christian values and the love of Jesus Christ. 

This is just one of the projects in which Tenacious Love has been involved. 

From its inception, there has been an ongoing mission to spread the message of HOPE. 

Meeting with those in the Rails, Dominican Republic

Meeting with those in the Rails, Dominican Republic

The world is lacking in HOPE. In fact, at its core, poverty is a lack of HOPE. So is violence and despair.  Someone once said, “When HOPE is gone, consequences don’t matter.” We see it everywhere in our world. There seems to be little that is effective in deterring violence and self-destructive behavior. The world needs HOPE, and it needs to know what is worth putting their HOPE in. Tenacious Love was established to bring HOPE by living out love, the love of Jesus Christ in everyday life. In this place there is also freedom.  There is freedom from those things that hinder, depress, oppress and destroy life. There is freedom to live, to love, to grow, to thrive, to give and to dream. It is the hope, love and freedom that Jesus Christ came to bring a hurting planet. Tenacious Love seeks to partner in this worldwide mission.

If you would like to partner with Tenacious Love, please send an email to rosepauly@tenaciouslove.com

We look forward to hearing from you.