Desperate Hope Endorsements

What are people saying about Desperate Hope?

My mom gave me your book for Christmas. I read it in one day. I started it one morning and couldn’t put it down until I was finished a few hours later, and I have recommended it to several people. What a phenomenal ministry you have! Thank you!!
— Joel Gueck
Dear Rose, just finished reading your book Desperate Hope. Wow! I have been saved since I was 8. I went down a long road of drug addiction for 30 years and just recently have been delivered from Satan’s grip over me. I am so thankful that I’m finally ready and willing for God to use me for His full purpose. As we both bask in the full knowledge of what happened to you 17 years ago and that we both know now what a direct impact it has had in my life, it has given me the hope that I have been longing for my whole life. God’s purpose for my life has finally been revealed to me and I’m so excited and humbled beyond words to be a child of His and to go forth and help those in need. If you hadn’t been persistent on your end to write the book and stay in faith, who knows what would have happened. Thank you for your obedience to God because it has and will continue to change my life in a mighty way.
— Marcia Green
Rose, I just finished your book last night and wanted to let you know how much I loved it! Although I had heard part of your story, it was so powerful to read about Matt’s journey - what an amazing testament to God’s grace. I have been thinking about your chapter on forgiveness ever since I closed the book...especially the line, ‘Unforgiveness would hold me hostage even though God had worked for my release.’ Thank you for being willing to share your story and your life through writing.
— Mollie Goings
Desperate Hope is a profound story of the power of God’s providential and redemptive grace to transform a potentially hideous and ruinous tragedy into a beautiful story of healing and love.
— Dr. Quinn Fox, Associate Pastor for Discipleship and Christian Formation, The National Presbyterian Church, Washington DC
Mingling raw honesty with authentic hope, Rose Pauly shares an accessible story that is not only a page turner, but demonstrates God’s epic ability to bring beauty out of the darkest, most fearful situations. Beautifully crafted, this book will provoke life change, worship and wonder, and remind us all again that grace really is amazing. Highly recommended.
— Jeff Lucas, author, speaker, broadcaster
It is a rare gift that can combine vulnerability, pain, and strength into a story that captures the essence of grace, but Rose does so with ease. She has crafted a mesmerizing book, exposing the hearts of two different people and weaving a compelling story of hope. This book encompasses you with warmth and a tender heart, and dares you to live life with abundant joy.
— Rebekah Thrasher, Colorado State University Design Student, School of Visual Arts
This is a true and beautiful story about the emotional and spiritual healing for two individuals whose paths crossed by what some would identify as an accident or bad luck. Little did either know that this horrible experience would be an opportunity for growth and a deeper understanding of their faith. I totally recommend this book for those who believe that change is not possible for some individuals who have been perpetrators of crime or for their victims.
— Pamela J. S. Rodden, Ph.D., L.P.C.
Rose Pauly offers a refreshing and challenging voice to our contemporary culture that seeks justice and retribution when confronted with criminal acts. Instead of simple platitudes about God’s forgiveness, Rose takes us with her on her difficult journey to extend God’s love to someone who had lost any sense of how to treat another human. But this book is unique in that we hear the other side of the story as well. The perpetrator gives us his perspective of the story as someone who was driven by his corrupted fantasies about women, to his time in the prison system, but most importantly how God was working in and through this darkness. Fear, obsession, violence, forgiveness, recovery, and grace are thoughtfully woven together in this engaging book.
— Dr. David P. Paris, Associate Director and Associate Professor of New Testament at Fuller Theological Seminary, author of Reading the Bible With Giants
I thought I had heard it all...until I read Rose Pauly’s stunning story of Desperate Hope. The book’s one-of-a kind perspective of true events read like a thriller novel that will inspire and awe the reader of God’s perfect love.
— Steve Merriman, President of Tax and Accounting Firm
Rose Pauly tells a riveting, inspiring true story of God’s transcendent power breaking into daily human existence in a life-transforming, world-changing way. Desperate Hope is well worth your time and investment - a must-read!
— Rev. John C. Bangs, D.Min., Associate Professor of Ministry Leadership, Northwest University
I have been privileged to know and mentor Matt for a number of years and can attest to the transformation in his life. Desperate Hope is the message of the gospel in a modern day true story. It speaks of more than forgiving yourself and forgiving others. It’s a riveting story that tells of the miracle of genuine reconciliation between victim and perpetrator.
— Kent Hummel, Lead Pastor Good Shepherd Church, Loveland, Colorado
Desperate Hope is a powerful story of God’s protection, redemption, and the transformative power of forgiveness. Here we see the gospel, that makes all things new, unfolding in the lives of both the victim and the perpetrator. The book moves me to live my life better. I highly recommend this book.
— Kurt Fredrickson, MDiv, DMin, PhD, Associate Dean for Doctor of Ministry and Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry at Fuller Theological Seminary, author of That Their Work Will Be a Joy
Having known Rose for the duration of this story I have been richly blessed by watching this redemption story unfold. Desperate Hope is a compelling example of how God’s grace goes beyond salvation and forgiveness, including recovery, reconciliation, and restoration.
— Clay Peck, DMin, Lead Pastor of Grace Place Church, Berthoud, Colorado
Rose Pauly writes a gripping story of courage, compassion and transformation, not only of her life, but of the man who tried to kill her. Every youth pastor, high school and college student in America, no, the world, should read this testimonial. Through the power of Jesus Christ, it is possible to break all the bondages of Satan.
— Debbie Martinez, Missionary, School Administrator, La Vega Christian School, Dominican Republic
Few issues impact the well-being of our lives as much as fear and unforgiveness - both of which Rose Pauly has so powerfully addressed in her book. I was impacted by the hope and direction she offers in the retelling of her gripping, true story. This is a must-read.
— David J. Niquette, D.Min., Pastor of Christ Center Community Church, Fort Collins, Colorado