Many are asking the questions, "How do I get real freedom?" Is there hope for me?



To bring HOPE through real life narratives of struggle and challenge followed by authentic breakthroughs and experiences of freedom.

There are many things that rob joy, and diminish the quality of life. They can range from struggles with paralyzing fear or consuming anger to bondage from a controlling addiction. Real life stories embedded with the challenges and hardships common to the human experience, yet with an authentic narrative of freedom bring hope to even the hopeless. Here we can gain strength from each other and learn ways to conquer the difficulties we all face.  

Hope is the energy to strive for what we hope for. We keep striving as long as we keep hoping. If you lose hope, you lose desire, you lose your dream, you lose your faith, and you lose you inner power to strive for the better future you can imagine but cannot control.
— Lewis B Smedes in Keeping Hope Alive

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