Tenacious Love is a nonprofit organization initiated to spread the message of HOPE and provide tangible support for those caught in oppression, violence and poverty. 

Our Vision

That all people would come to know the life-saving love of Jesus Christ. 

Our Mission

To live out love by engaging in poverty alleviation, distributing scriptures worldwide, and through spreading the message of hope.

The Rails, Dominican Republic

The Rails, Dominican Republic

Tenacious Love has a three-fold PURPOSE:

1)  Partnering with other nonprofit organizations worldwide to alleviate poverty  

           Current partnerships and projects:  

  • TL is partnering with Transition Ministry which is currently working in the Dominican Republic.                          Construction completed for the Rose of Sharon Haitian School in the Dominican Republic                    Working with local organizations that provide support and resources for women in crisis  
  • TL is partnering with Ukraine Orphan Outreach which is currently assisting orphans and                                orphanages in the conflict ravaged areas of Eastern Ukraine

2)  Partnering with Biblica, an international publisher and translator of Bibles, to distribute scriptures around the world.   

            Completed projects:    

  • 6000 Spanish scriptures to Mexico                                                              
  • 6000 Spanish scriptures to the Dominican Republic     

3)  Spreading the message of HOPE through speaking engagements, blog stories, and the book, Desperate Hope by Rose Pauly.                                                         

May God bless you very much. I want to say thank you for your love because God gave you an idea to help the needy and thank you for the teeth cleaning. I want you to send me a photo of yourself so I can keep it on the door to my room to remember you always and always. Thank you.
— Nelson Geffrard, 4th grade student, La Vega Christian School, Dominican Republic