Tenacious Love is a nonprofit initiated to spread the message of HOPE and provide tangible support for those caught in 
oppression, violence and poverty. 

It is our mission that all people would come to know the love of Jesus Christ as we give hope, live out love and champion freedom.

Desperate Hope

Desperate Hope is the powerful and gripping story of two lives that intersect, first in violence and then in hope, restoration and freedom. Profound life lessons emerge of God’s radical and transforming power.

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Meet Rose Pauly

Founder and director of Tenacious Love
Rose is a speaker and author whose goal is to bring a message of HOPE in a world that is often hopeless.

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About Tenacious Love

Find out about how we are involved with bringing HOPE and the heart of love to those in need. Join the mission of Tenacious Love.

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Freedom Fighters Stories

Our life stories are a part of a greater story - God's story. Find hope and be inspired by real life stories of overcoming, freedom and grace.

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